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Pipeline Patrols and Aerial Pipeline Inspection Services

Barr Air Patrol, LLC specializes in aerial pipeline patrol and right-of-way inspection. We are a nationwide air inspection, patrol and transportation provider for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the experience and an approach to safety that is unmatched in the patrol field. We are the leader in aerial pipeline patrol -- patrolling thousands of miles each week for our North American clients.

Barr Air Patrol maintains a first class fleet of aircraft, expert personnel and crew, and superior maintenance facilities in key locations across the United States.

Barr Air Patrol is a full service aviation company capable of meeting a wide variety of customer needs. Our specialty is pipeline patrol.
  • Routine Pipeline Patrol and Pipeline Inspections
  • Emergency Aerial Patrols
  • Aerial Monitoring
  • Aerial Photography
  • Search and Rescue / Evacuation services
  • Pilots and/or aircraft to supplement current patrols
  • Part 135 Air Charter Services
  • Cargo Transportation Services
  • Aircraft Management Services


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